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Wouldn’t it be great if you could visit an island filled with nothing- but Dachshunds?! A tropical paradise with your favorite fuzzy friends!

We are a husband and wife team with an easy-to-use website featuring hand-picked gifts for Dachshund lovers! We appreciate you stopping by! We have hand-picked each of these products for you to enjoy. If there is anything you want us to add, feel free to let us know!

It isn’t literally an island full of Dachshunds, but we hope that what we offer will bring you a little closer! Do you want something shiny and silver? Maybe it’s time to leave your normal life behind and join our island! With our online shop you are welcome here at any time! Have you always wanted to buy one of those cool-looking Dachshund paintings? We have them! Or maybe you were looking for a flashing collar? Go for it!

Here at Dachshund Island, we can provide you with a variety of sweaters, Doxie jackets, accessories, toys, and everything your badger dog could ever desire. We have something for the cold season. Feeling festive? Check out our Dachshund holiday sweaters! Always wanted a sharp tie for your little man? Or maybe you wanted one of these awesome Dachshund pillow/cushion covers? It is your choice! Surprise a Dachshund owner you know with a piece of jewelry from the variety we offer.

Wide Product Assortment

The multitude of products we offer can please any wiener dog fan. In our store you can find the wonderful Dachshund wrap-around rings, different devices and souvenirs, and iPhone cases. Fill your room with familiar Doxie faces, scenes, and words. Feel closer to your little best friends.

Here at the island you can get the latest specs about our products, free shipping worldwide, and full refund if you don’t get your favorite Doxie gifts. Whether you need a single item or a set for yourself and your long-haired friends, we protect your purchase from the very first click to delivery. Fulfill your dream of living on and island full of sausage dogs and dive into our world here =) Our online shop welcomes you!

How do you pronounce “Dachshund”?? We have heard it as “DOCK-sund”, “DASH-hound, and even “DAHKS-hoond.” They are also called wiener dog and sausage dog, for their very long bodies they can have. Send us an email at!